Rescheduling tasks to the next working day

Usually we deal with tasks what can not be completed in a single day. These tasks can be copied to the next day.

DevPlanner provides possibility to copy incomplete schedules to the next working day. From the menu Day choose Reschedule tomorrow or simply press Ctrl+H. This will copy all incomplete tasks, except recurring, to the next working day beginning.

Duration for rescheduled tasks selected using time remains if it is greater than zero and less than two hours. Overvise duration will be set to the same value as in a source schedule.

Workday beginning by default is set to 09:00 AM, and can be customized in the Plan tab on the Options from the menu Tools.

Also possible situations when one or few tasks scheduled but were not started. These tasks simply can be moved to the next working day using dragging to the right margin. DevPlanner supports dragging multiply schedules as well as single task schedule.

This feature initiated by Steve Truesdale.

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