DevPlanner format specification

DevPlanner document has hierarchical structure, as any XML document. DevPlanner document contains set of predefined XML tags. See table below for details.

Table A-1 - DevPlanner document tags.
CATEGORY Tasks category node. Identifies a set of related tasks. Can have subcategories.
DAILY Identifies section for plan entries. It is a parent for all daily plan entries.
DAY Parent node of a plan for the day, identified by DATE attribute.
DESCRIPTION Description of an element. Used with CATEGORY, TASK and PROPERTIES nodes.
PLANENTRY Plan entry within specified day. References to single task by id.
PROPERTIES Contains document properties, such as author information and description.
ROOT Denotes root of the XML document.
AUTHOR Author name.
COMPANY Company name.
DATE Day for the planning.
DEADLINE Deadline date for the task.
EMPTYID Attribute for internal usage. Allows providing unique ids for new nodes through document.
ENDTIME Finishing time of specified task plan entry.
ESTIMATION Estimation for the task, in hours.
ID Unique identifier within current document. Used in TASK, CATEGORY and PLANENTRY.
IMPORTANCE Digit identified a task importance or priority: 0 - Low, 1 - Normal, 2 - High.
NAME Name of a category or task, dependent on context.
STARTTIME Starting time of the specified task plan entry.
STATUS Current status of a task: 0 - New, 1 - InProgress, 2 - Completed.
TASKID Foreign key to reference a task in plan entry. Each task can be planned several times.

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