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DevPlanner - personal day planning software

Tasks list and daily plan
Plan and reality
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DevPlanner is a time planning and to-do list software that allows keeping track of projects, personal tasks, and other activities. Main idea of DevPlanner based on four terms: task, estimation, daily schedule and "self-imposed" deadline. These four things are really important for managing tasks and gathering time feedback, as result improving individual productivity and estimating skills.
How DevPlanner helps in being more productive?
DevPlanner carefully stores tasks grouped in categories, stages, projects or any other units required. These tasks are source for planning and time tracking. Each task can be estimated, deadlined, prioritized and scheduled once or more for today or later date. No need to remember tasks, DevPlanner will do it for You. Just fill your daily time using already defined tasks or define other tasks in any time you need.
What is a colors list on the right pane of DevPlanner?
New release of DevPlanner includes exciting possibility to track emotional state by selecting appropriate color. Mood changing statistics can be visualized in Mood Map using DevPlanner report template of the same name. This is a valuable source for placing right tasks to the right time. For example, almost every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning I'm fresh and exciting. This time I prefer using for important meetings and learning.
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How to manage team using DevPlanner?
DevPlanner spreads team improvements by providing more freedom and self management for developers. It motivates to use oral communication between team members, that is more agile and work impressing. Additionally DevPlanner helps building individual weekly and project reports.
Why not timesheet software?
The problem of any timesheet software is a requirement for decency of employee. Most of us are usually filling timesheets on request or at the end of week. It's very hard to remind tasks and time spent on each. In opposite, DevPlanner allows collecting time taken by every task implicitly. While people perform usual daily work with personal planning and become more productive, the planning data can be reused to build accurate timesheet reports.
What about truthfulness of DevPlanner timesheet reports?
DevPlanner calculates time spent for every individual task internally. There is no need to ask user to enter time spent. Rather it queries daily planning data.
How to improve?
While planning something we are usually trying to predict how long can it take or simply estimating. DevPlanner accurately calculates real time spent for every task. Comparing estimation and reality can highlight underestimations and delayed tasks. These tasks are good subject for learning and a key to improved productivity. While there is usually no time to review causes of delay or underestimation right after the completion of an individual task, it's a good idea to review such tasks on completion of stage or on a weekly meeting. Reports Stage Overestimation and Project Activity show problematic tasks. Pareto principle "80/20" tells us that 80% of delays can be easily removed.
How to keep privacy of employee personal tasks?
Effective management does not require to know all employee tasks, but only related to the work or a project. DevPlanner allows selecting category for reporting. All tasks outside of selected category, including non working activities, can be excluded from a report.
How to customize reports?
DevPlanner allows customizing report templates. Report templates are XSL files. There is a good set of predefined report templates: project reports, timesheet reports and task list reports. Custom templates are stored in a personal folder, thus will not be overridden by DevPlanner updates.
What's next?
Download it for 30 days free now. If unsure, complete personal planning tutorial or read through DevPlanner documentation for additional details.
Many thanks to Ron Jeffries who shown me simple ways of writing quality software. Please visit his Extreme Programming resource.
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